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Posture Therapy

What is Posture Therapy?

Pete Egoscue, the founder of the Egoscue Method,  played college football and was a Marine involved in combat training. He was wounded while serving as a Marine infantry officer in Vietnam in 1969. He was immobilized in a military hospital, and he realized how detrimental being bed ridden can be. During his rehabilitation and recovery Pete studied biomechanics and functional anatomy. He continued this study for decades and has written many books.


At the core of the Egoscue Method is making sure the body has right kind and amount of motion to stay pain free and healthy. He stands for strong beliefs in the body’s ability to heal itself and maintain health. Pete Egoscue believes discovering or rediscovering the body’s design and allowing it to work as intended is the way to help reverse disabling conditions and prevent them. He believes that “Pain is a signal” it is saying something is happening that shouldn’t be happening.  In addition. Pain is also telling us something is not happening that should be happening. Pain can be telling us that we have motion starvation.

Posture Therapy relieves acute and chronic pain through a holistic approach. Avoiding or reducing medication & surgery
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