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Frequently Asked Questions: NAET

1) How Does NAET Work?

NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) is a way to eliminate allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, and body imbalances without the use of drugs or needles. We make allergy testing easy by using Kinesiology making it needle-free and completely painless!

2) Does this allergy treatment work for all ages?

NAET is safe and effective for people of all ages; including infants and pregnant women. No substances are injected or ingested in the NAET technique. Unlike allergy shots or immunotherapy,  making the risk factor completely eliminated.

3) What proof do you have that NAET works?

This medical technique was founded in 1983 and has been tested by third-party medical scientists and published in medical journals all over the world. It is only practiced by licensed medical professionals and has an outstanding 95% success rate. Our clinic has thousands of happy patients and an impeccable reputation in the community. Choosing us for your allergy and health needs is an easy decision for you and your entire family. People have made dramatic improvements in their health using NAET. This technique has spread solely by word of mouth which proves that people are so excited about their success that they want to share it with others. Check us out on google to read our reviews from our amazing patients!

4) How many NAET allergy treatments will I need?

The number of visits a patient requires depends on the number of allergies that have to be cleared from the person's system. Often a patient can clear a specific allergen in one treatment. So if patient is allergic to 5 different items, it will take 5 visits to clear all allergens and achieve the optimum results. This is not the case for those with a severe reaction/ or anaphylaxis to an allergen. For those with severe or anaphylaxis reactions it will most likely take several treatments on the allergen causing the reaction. However, we treat high-risk anaphylaxis cases regularly with great success.

For a more in depth explanation, one of our NAET practitioners has written a blog on this topic. 

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